50kHz to 99.9MHz generator based on the SI5351. It has a variable output and two fixed outputs.

The Arduino code has countless functions and settings. It has a much higher programming level.

All parts to build the complete kit: PCB with all the SMD components installed, pins strips for connections, rotary encoder, SI5351 module and Arduino Nano module (factory programmed). 

The "ARDU-5351 VFO" offers many functions and configurations as "Universal VFO" to be used as a local oscillator on a single band transceiver.

Note: A basic Arduino-5351 sketch open source code intended for teaching can be downloaded from the Firmware-Updates section. (use a new Arduino module, don't use the original module from the kit!).

OLED display sizes, 1.3" (20x35mm window).

There are two versions with two different output levels.

  • ARDU-5351-LL (Low Level) 4-5dBm output suitable for active mixers such as the NE/SA602 or similar.
  • ARDU-5351-HL (High Level) about 8dBm output suitable for passive mixes or similar.
  • Choose the version you need. 

See all functions: Download manual. 


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ARDU-5351 mini VFO (no display, frequency announced in CW

• One variable frequency output + one fixed output (IF/ BFO)

• Easy setup using the Arduino IDE Series Monitor.

• Control: Simple control through a encoder with push button.

• Output frequency information by audible tone in CW code (three digits)

• Frequency output range: 50kHz to 99.9MHz

• Automatic frequency save function.

• Frequency steps select by encoder push/button. Steps: 1kHz, 100Hz, 10Hz. 

• IF offset function. Offset IF: VFO = F + IF, VFO = F + IF, VFO = IF – F, OFFSET = 0. 

• Adjustable mínimum and maximum frequencies

• Easy assembly by clamping the rotary encoder shaft

• All SMD parts are soldered. 

• Power supply: 7 to 15V DC. Average current consumption: 50mA.

• PCB size: 55 x 30 mm

Download manual

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New version V2.1 Universal VFO for all ILER, MFT, EGV transceivers and similar projects.

Universal VFO DDS 0 to 40MHz AD9850 based. More info...

Download manual 

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