DB4020 Firmware V 1.0
This is the first firmware version for DB4020 dual-band transceiver (ATMEGA328 processor).
You need an ICSP programmer for ATMEGA328.
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DB4020 Firmware V 2.0 September 30, 2020
Updated DB4020 firmware.
- DB4020 can operate on USB in the 40m band to FT8 etc.
- Display shows USB, LSB or CW mode of operation.
You need an ICSP programmer for ATMEGA328
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Arduino V2.0 programmed module for DB4020 40&20m transceiver

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Arduino basic open source sketch for ARDU-5351 VFO
It is a basic open source sketch from which you can develop your own program for the ARDU-5351 VFO. You must have sufficient knowledge. Technical advice is not offered for this.
ARDU-5351OS Arduino Sketch
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Arduino sketch básico de código abierto para ARDU-5351 VFO
Es un sketch básico a partir del cual usted puede desarrollar su propio programa para el ARDU-5351 VFO. Usted debe tener conocimientos suficientes. No se ofrece asesoría técnica para este.
ARDU-5353OS Arduino Sketch
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 8.4 MB