Pure analog reception circuitry, not synthesized by software

EGV-1B Single band CW QRP Transceiver

PCBs are customized according to band. There may be a 1-2 week delay before your order is shipped.

EGV-1B Single band CW QRP Transceiver KIT

The EGV-1B is based on the same base architecture as the EGV-9B but with the LPF/BPF module for a single band.

You can upgrade to the EGV-9B (9 bands) by changing only the LPF/BPF module.

Being a specific transceiver for a single band, the characteristics are equal to or superior to those of that same band within a multiband transceiver.

Download EGV-1B assembly manual.

Download EGV-9B (main PCB) assembly manual.

You must choose one of the bands 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15 or 10m

EGV-1B 1-band QRP CW Transceiver

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