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2SC1969 Transistor
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From 18,00 €
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From 17,00 €
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A-PLOP Anti-Plop
12,00 € 10,00 €

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About me


My name is Javier Solans EA3GCY. I'm technical manager of "QRP Ham Radio Kits". I have worked in the amateur radio world for over 40 years.

My main activity has been based on radio and audio engineering and maintenance.

I started distributing amateur radio kits in 1990.

It has been my true passion since I was very young.

I hope to continue helping DIY radio circuits for many years to come.


73 de Javier EA3GCY 


Basic and advanced Kits for ham radio builders.

Classic assembly with through-hole components on two-sided boards. PCB pads, traces and holes suitable for home soldering.

Minimum use of SMD parts (factory pre-soldered). Step-by-step assembly manuals with maximum detail to avoid failures. We do not like frustrations!


You can view the EA3GCY history from third parties on Google, Youtube...


To place orders, use the shopping cart and make the payment through "Paypal" or "Stripe" (all credit cards accepted. However, you can send me your order list and I'll send you a "Paypal invoice" with the  total amount.

If any question arises regarding yout order, do not hesitate in email me to ea3gcy@gmail.com

Usually, shipments will be on Wednesaday of each week.