CW-ADD Universal CW Adapter for SSB Transceivers

The CW-ADD is an extremely versatile circuit. It is composed of three different parts (Audio Filter, CW Adapter and Audio Amp.) that can be used independently or combined to have everything necessary to generate CW in a transceiver that only has SSB (phone).

In case you do not require the audio filter for reception of CW or the amplifier of side tone, the board has printed lines where one of the parts can be cut.

  • Add CW to any voice transceiver (SSB / DSB).
  • Generates CW by injecting an audio tone into the microphone input.
  • Automatic PTT activation.
  • TX to RX semi-break delay of about 400 - 500ms (modifiable).
  • Built-in side-tone oscillator monitor.
  • Built-in side-tone audio amplifier with speaker output.
  • Built-in 750Hz audio filter for CW reception. Bandwidth 200Hz to -3dB
  • Power supply: 10 -14V
  • PCB dimensions: 100 x 30 mm.

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The CW-ADD kit is discontinued.

However, you can freely build it yourself

I share the file to make the PCB (Sprint Layout 6.0). Download.

You will need to have the Sprint Layout viewer. Download.

CW-ADD kit assembly manual (schematics, parts list etc). Download.