Do you need technical support?






The kits are warranted? The result of a kit depends largely on the quality of assembly and installation. However, QRPHAMRADIOKITS (by Javier Solans EA3GCY tech manager) ensures that must operate as shown in characteristics. 

I can ask technical questions about installation and use of the kits? Of course, contact Technical queries will be answered usually one day a week. 

If I have problems with a kit, I can send it for service? Yes. If the cause is a defect in any part, PCB etc, we will not apply any charge. If the problem is attributable to assembly or use, there will be examination, repair and adjustment and apply a minimum of 35€ and maximum cost of 100€ + shipping (parts no included). If the work to be performed will exceed a reasonable time that higher the maximum rate, the kit can be diagnosed as "unrecoverable" and return it to you with the sole responsibility of the shipping costs. 

Please do not send anything without first checking with us. 

The technical service is considered a priority? No. That's why the delivery time is between 20 and 120 workdays.