MFT-40 / MFT-20 DSB QRP Transceiver Kits

The MFT-40 / MFT-20 “My First Transceiver” is a very simple, low-cost DSB double side band transceiver Kits similar to the famous “Beach-40”, “Micro-40” by VK3YE, “Wee Willy” by VA3IUL, etc. However, the MFT has improved both the receive and transmit characteristics, and its kit assembly puts the project within the reach of radio circuit builders of any level. (optional BOX "I-BOX-A")

See special price pack MFT + I-BOX-A

Handheld Microphone/Speaker with connectors optional. See parts section, click here. 

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I-BOX-A enclosure

The boxes are made of aluminum and iron destined to RF assemblies. The cover is painted with heavy duty industrial paint. The I-BOX-A case its has been machined and labeled for use with  MFT-40, MFT-20, ILER-40v3, ILER-20v3 kits transceivers or similar projects (Not with ARDU-5153 VFO or ILER-DDS). The tuning dial printed for polyvaricons or adhesive dial scale (0-100) for tuning potentiometer is included.

  • External Size: 130 x 185 x 50 mm
  • The I-BOX-A included: Aluminum cover painted + Iron base + 2 machined and labeled front and rear panels (copper on one side)
  • Parts:  1 adhesive dial + 3 pcs 3.5mm jack sockets + 1 power supply socket + 1 BNC socket + 3 switches + 2 Knobs + 8 Screws + Wire.
  • I-BOX-A with hardware parts 43,00€
  • I-BOX-A without hardware parts 30,00€

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