Electret Microphone / Speaker

This is a Electret condenser microphone / speaker.

The generic model included 2,5mm and 3,5mm PCB jack sockets kit for panel mounting and wiring diagram.

This is an improved mic with high sensitivity capsule -30dB (not a standard chinese low cost mic) recommended for DB4020, ILER40 / 20MFT40 / 20 kits and any other TRXs. Very useful for QRP field days.


- for DB4020 BOX you will have to adapt the connector included with the box package (see DB4020 BOX manual). 

- for ILER-40v3, ILER-20v3 kits can not use the internal speaker, modification needed (see ILER BOX manual).

Download Electret Microphone wiring 

  • For DB4020-BOX or ILERs-BOX 18,00€
  • For generic Trx (PCB socket jacks included) 20,00€

18,00 €

  • 0,2 kg
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  • Ships within 3-7 workdays