A-PLOP Anti-Plop

ANTI-PLOP Removes RX to TX and TX to RX switching "plop"

  • Relay switching speaker to a dummy load.
  • Electronic PTT switching. 100mA maximum.
  • Dual delay times programmable: RX to TX and TX to RX
  • Delay time setting: from 50 to 750ms in 16 steps.
  • Power supply: 9 -14V
  • PCB dimensions: 42 x 25 mm

Download manual 

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The A-PLOP Anti-plop kit is discontinued.

However, you can freely build it yourself

I share the file to make the PCB (Sprint Layout 6.0). Download.

You will need to have the Sprint Layout viewer. Download.

A-PLOP uC PIC12F683 .hex file Download.

A-PLOP kit assembly manual (schematics, parts list etc). Download.