KB-2 Electronic Keyer / Beacon


  • One single "CMD" command button
  • Speed range: 5-50 WPM
  • Messages: 4 messages up to 60 characters
  • Beacon mode: manual or automatic (start as beacon)
  • Interval beacon: 0 to 99 seconds
  • Modes: A or B
  • Reverse paddles command
  • Sidetone output on/off
  • Adjustable Sidetone frequency
  • Key output on/off.
  • Quick change of speed by means of the paddles
  • ”Tune” function. Adjustment of antennas, couplers, etc.
  • Power Supply: 3 to 5V
  • The KIT includes: PCB and all components + Speaker for Sidetone + 3V battery and socket
  • No included: enclosure, switch, cables, or connectors
  • PCB Size: 30 x 40mm

free PIC code hex file. Contact us.

Manual download

1 Kit 25€

2 Kits 45€


25,00 €

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The KB-2 Electronic keyer / beacon kit is discontinued.

However, you can freely build it yourself

I share the file to make the PCB (Sprint Layout 6.0) . Download.

You will need to have the Sprint Layout viewer. Download.

KB-2 kit assembly manual (schematics, parts list etc). Download.

pic12F1840 KB-2 firmware. Download.