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Youkits EK1C 3 band CW Transceiver assembled and tested.

Brand New. 180€

  • Youkits new EK1C 3 band CW transceiver!
  • Working on 20m, 30m and 40m band. 
  • Enclosure size: 88x38x124mm
  • RX:70mA TX: 900mA
  • RX range:5.9-16MHz
  • TX range:7.0-7.3Mhz, 10.1-10.15Mhz, 14.0-14.35MHz
  • Output: 5W 13,8V
  • Sidetone: 700Hz.  Keyer 4-40 wpm adjustable. Memory: 16
  • Auto scan function. LCD display backlight on/off/auto

Youkits SK-1A 40 meters SSB/CW Transceiver assembled and tested.

Brand New. 180€

  • Power consumption: RX 60 mA, 50 mA with backlight off.  TX, 800 mA.
  • 7.000 to 7.300MHz
  • 50MHz DDS controlled
  • Output: 5W at 12V,  8-9W at 13,8V
  • CW sifetone 700Hz
  • Keyer: 5-40WPM adjustable
  • Antenna connector: BNC male
  • Hand microphone supplied with unit (icrophone input jack on rear of case)

Youkits MT1 QRP manual tuner with SWR and PWR meter, KIT version

Brand New. 80€

  • Working on 40 to 10 meters
  • 20W max.
  • QRP manual tuner for long wire
  • QRP power and SWR meter