(tr)uSDX Transceiver

(tr)uSDX Transceiver

(tr)uSDX is the successor to the uSDX project. It is a collaborative work between Guido PE1NNZ and Manuel DL2MAN. The design was intended as an easy-to-build kit (pre-assembled). The (tr)uSDX is a pocket-size 5-band / multi-mode QRP transceiver (90x60x30mm - 140g). It features a highly efficient Class E PA and is CW/LSB/USB modes. Covers 80/60/40/30/20m.

Now, it is my pleasure to offer it to worldwide through my website. PCBs are supplied with all SMD parts soldered and Bootloader installed. You must assembly the throu-hole parts and upload the last firmware, trusdx-firmware.


Group Buys

This is a project offered by DL2MAN and PE1NNZ under a (CC BY-ND 4.0) license. You can manufacturing it yourself and do all the work or you can also form a buying group to do a collective manufacture. Gerbers files and all manufacturing information is available. Video assembly instructions, Manual, iBOM, Bootloader and Firmware, Schematics, etc. on the www.dl2man.de website. Also an interesting forum for sharing ideas https://forum.dl2man.de/


If you want to buy a (tr)uSDX, I offer three formats:

  • (A) Pre-assembled PCBs, 100% SMD parts soldered + 100% throu-hole and additional parts (toroids, enameled wire, relays, speaker, 0.96" OLED display, sockets, rotary encoder, electret mic capsule, push-buttons, male/female pin headers, screws, etc. 3D enclosure NO included.
  • (B) Same as format (A) + 3D enclosure INCLUDED. 
  • (C) Asembled and ready for use. Includes: Enclosure, SMA-BNC adapter, DC plug, Firmware installed.  


Bootloader and Firmware installed. Please, tell me your callsign to install. Add a note on order.

Do you need accesories?  SMA-BNC adapter antenna connector.  DC plug.

Please note: review all documentation and assembly video to ensure your experience is adequate to do the job. You must use those instructions for assembly, firmware upload and use.

100,00 €

  • 0,25 kg
  • Out of stock

Please consider a donation to:

Manuel, DL2MAN for hardware development, docs, website and discussion forum.

Guido, PE1NNZ for all his amazing work on Software and future updates.

Spare 3D box for (tr)uSDX

Spare high quality 3D printed box (included in (C) kit form).

If you want to print your box:  3D Housing Files for the (tr)uSDX Transceiver

Composed of 8 pieces: labeled cover, bottom cover, 4 side pieces, button for the encoder and ring for the speaker (screws included). 

You can choose 3 colors: orange with black letters, green-military with white letters and black with white letters.

25,00 €

  • 0,05 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 days

SMA to BNC adapter for (tr)uSDX antenna connector.

2,90 €

  • 0,05 kg
  • Out of stock

DC plug for (tr)uSDX (cable no included)

1,90 €

  • 0,05 kg
  • Out of stock