MFT-40 / MFT-20 DSB QRP Transceiver Kits

The MFT-40 / MFT-20 “My First Transceiver” is a very simple, low-cost DSB double side band transceiver Kits similar to the famous “Beach-40”, “Micro-40” by VK3YE, “Wee Willy” by VA3IUL, etc. However, the MFT has improved both the receive and transmit characteristics, and its kit assembly puts the project within the reach of radio circuit builders of any level.

Handheld Microphone/Speaker with connectors optional. See parts section, click here. 

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    EA3GCY (Wednesday, 30 March 2022 13:55)

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    Thank you, 73 Javier EA3GCY

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    PETER ARMITAGE (Wednesday, 27 April 2022 20:28)

    I bought one of these kits, 20meters, highly recommended kit, superb quality, and easy to use in the field, (now you have tried the rest, now you can try the best, MDT.) WELL DONE EA3GCY�