All SMD parts soldered at the factory. You don't have to solder anything SMD

However, a good experience on radio assembly is recommended.

EGV-9B 9-Band CW QRP Transceiver

EGV-9B 9-Band CW QRP Transceiver KIT


Frequency coverage: 80-60-40-30-20-17-15-12-10m

Note: You can tune below and above the bands (from 3 to 30MHz) but downgrading the characteristics

Tuning steps on two ranges: 10Hz-100Hz-1kHz and 10kHz-100kHz-1MHz.

Modes: CW.

RIT function: Without frequency limit

Power requirements: 10–14VDC, 1–2A transmit, 0.15–0.25A receive.

Antenna impedance: 50 ohms nominal.

Controls: Tuning with pushbutton. Band-pass adjust. Volume. RF attenuator. UP-DOWN band switches.

Board dimensions: 180 x 140 mm.

Weight: (no enclosure): 0.35 kg.



Mode: CW (direct frequency, without heterodyning or mixing)

RF output: 3 to 6W @13.8V (depends on band)

Output TX Amp: C class amplifier.

Harmonics output: -45dBc or better below the fundamental frequency (1).

Other spurious signals: -50dBc or better below the fundamental frequency.

T/R switching: Relays

(1) 60 and 17m band: The harmonics attenuation signals are not so good.



Type: Superheterodyne. Balanced mixers.

Sensitivity: 0.4uV minimum discernible signal average (according band).

Selectivity: 3-pole crystal ladder filter, 800Hz nominal bandwidth.

IF frequency: 4.915MHz.

AGC: acts on the receive path according to the received audio level.

Audio output: 250mW, 4-8 ohms.


Note: A good experience on radio assembly is recommended.

Please, see the assembly manual here

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Box for EGV-9B kit. Galvanized iron base and matt black painted aluminum top. 1mm metal of great robustness. Complete mechanization. Fully machined white front and back panels with black screen printing.

Download manual.

Three different packages:

  • Complete: Base and Top. Front and Rear Panels. Knobs. Potentiometer on/off switch. PCB spacers. Screws. Wire. 50€
  • Semi: Base and Top. Front and Rear Panels. Screws. 39€ 
  • Panels: Front and Rear panel. 18€

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