EGV+ Three band 40, 30 and 20m QRP CW Transceiver Kit

NEW Version V2.0


  • Frequency coverage:  40 - 30 - 20m  (6 to 16MHz continuous tuning)
  • KB-2 Keyer built in. 
  • Tuning steps on two ranges: 10Hz-100Hz-1kHz and 10kHz-100kHz-1MHz.
  • Mode: CW
  • RIT function: without frequency limit
  • Power requirements: 12–14VDC  1-1.2A transmit, 0.14 – 0.25A receive.
  • Antenna impedance: 50 ohms.
  • Controls: Tuning-pushbutton. Band adjust. Volume. RF attenuator.
  • Board dimensions: 180 x 140 mm.
  • Weight: (no enclosure) 0.3 kg.


  • Emissión: CW.
  • RF output: 5typical.
  • Output TX Amp:  Very robust against high SWR. High Quality output Spectrum.
  • Harmonics output: -45dBc or better below the fundamental frequency.
  • Other spurious signals: -50dBc or better below the fundamental frequency. 


  • Type: Superheterodyne. Balanced mixer.
  • Sensitivity: 0.2uV minimum discernible signal.
  • Selectivity: crystal ladder filter, 700Hz nominal bandwidth.
  • IF frequency: 4.915MHz.
  • AGC: on the receive path according to the received audio.
  • Audio output: 250mW, 4-8 ohms.

A medium experience level on radio and electronics assembly is required. It shouldn't be your first transceiver to build.

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Download Manual 

120,00 €

  • 0,45 kg
  • Available
  • Delivery in 15-30 days


Box for EGV+ kit. Galvanized iron base and matt black painted aluminum top. 1mm metal of great robustness. Complete mechanization. Fully machined white front and back panels with black screen printing.

Download manual.

Three different packages:

  • Complete: Base and Top. Front and Rear Panels. Knobs. Potentiometer on/off switch. PCB spacers. Screws. Wire. 50€
  • Semi: Base and Top. Front and Rear Panels. Screws. 39€ 
  • Panels: Front and Rear panel. 17€

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50,00 €

  • 0,6 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 days

Comments: 4
  • #4

    F5JAA (Friday, 12 May 2023 22:37)

    I was looking for a long time to build a QRP transceiver. Finally, I have choosen the EGV+ from Javier. It is just amazing ! It is a great pleasure to use it. For the moment, the TRX isn't completely finished but I made my first QSO's with good reports since yesterday by using an internal magnetic loop Antenna. The output power is 10 W on 40M and 8 W on the two others bands. The intregraded keyer is also TOP! Congratulatiosn Javier. I can only recommand this kit. Best 73's. Stephane.

  • #3

    EA3BGW (Friday, 28 October 2022 12:07)

    Congratulations to EA3GCY.
    The best CW transceiver kit I've ever built.
    Very good reception 40, 30 and 30m and very useful automatic keyer.
    73 Vicens EA3BGW

  • #2

    DL9OBU (Monday, 22 August 2022 08:43)

    I have built the EGV+ without any problem following the instructions.

    I have successfully made contacts on cw.

    Thanks Xavier, very good job!

    vy 73 DL9OBU Richard

  • #1

    EA3GCY (Wednesday, 30 March 2022 13:55)

    Here you can leave your comments (started April 1, 2022)
    Thank you, 73 Javier EA3GCY