Pre-order (tr)uSDX Transceiver

Pre-order (tr)uSDX Transceiver


Due to the large waiting list, stock lots of (tr)uSDX may only last a few hours in stock. Now you can pre-order to ensure you get your (tr)uSDX when the next batch arrives. About 3-6 weeks to delivery. 

If you want pre-order a kit now, I offer three formats:

  • (A) Pre-assembled PCBs, 100% SMD parts soldered. No throu-hole parts, no additional parts included. 3D enclosure NO included.  PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE
  • (B) Pre-assembled PCBs, 100% SMD parts soldered + 100% throu-hole and additional parts (toroids, enameled wire, relays, speaker, 0.96" OLED display, sockets, rotary encoder, electret mic capsule, push-buttons, male/female pin headers, screws, etc. 3D enclosure NO included. NOT PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE
  • (C) Same as format (B) + 3D enclosure INCLUDED.  PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE 

Please note: review all documentation and assembly video to ensure your experience is adequate to do the job. You must use those instructions for assembly, firmware upload and use.

Delivery time about 3-6 weeks.

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