FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay?
By Paypal by "Add to Cart" button. 

It is safe to pay by PayPal? Yes, it is very safe. But as a general precaution for all payments through PayPal, it is important you make sure you are making the payment to the right person, note that in the address bar of your browser appears Paypal's secure server: https:// 
I can receive a PayPal "request for money" or "invoice" to pay an order? Yes. You can send me an email indicating your PayPal account and comment that you want to receive the request for payment by PayPal. I'll send a "request for money" with the total order amount. 
I can pay by PayPal without having a PayPal account? Yes, you can pay with your credit card safely under the PayPal payment gateway. 
Prices include VAT? 

All kits prices are VAT included. 

As ship orders? How long does it take to reach me order? All shipments are made by certified air mail. After shipping you will receive an email with the tracking number. 

**** Orders will be shipped on Wednesday/Thursday **** 

The term total shipping time (after having checked the payment) Approximate post time is 4-7 working days Spain, 6-15 working days to Europe and about 10-35 working days to the rest of world. 
I can delivered with other means of shipping? Exceptions, always used certified mail to all shipments. 

There are special discounts? The profit margins are very small. There are small discounts for orders of 5 kits or sets orders from universities, radio associations etc. Request estimate to: ea3gcy@gmail.com
The kits are warranted? The result of a kit depends largely on the quality of assembly and installation. However, QRPHAMRADIOKITS (by Javier Solans EA3GCY tech manager) ensures that must operate as shown in characteristics. 
I can ask technical questions about installation and use of the kits? Of course, contact ea3gcy@gmail.com. Technical queries will be answered usually one day a week. 
If I have problems with a kit, I can send it for service? Yes. There will be examination, repair and adjustment and apply a minimum of 30€ and maximum cost of 100€ + shipping (parts no included). If the work to be performed will exceed a reasonable time that higher the maximum rate, the kit can be diagnosed as "unrecoverable" and return it to you with the sole responsibility of the shipping costs. 

The technical service is considered a priority? No. That's why the delivery time is between 30 and 90 workdays.