EGV-40 Specifications

- In memory of EA3EGV Miguel Montilla -
40M CW Band. Stable VXO and very low courrent, 25mA RX (no signal), 3,5W out. PCB 100x85mm / 140 grams, heatsink included (no box).


  • Frequency Coverage: VXO tuning 40 kHz CW segment in 40M band (ILER-DDS optional)
  • Frequency Control: high stability VXO oscillator. Two 11.981MHz. crystals
  • Variable capacitor tuning (polyvaricon) and fine tune control.
  • Antenna: 50 ohms.
  • Power: 12-14VDC, 25mA receive (no signal), 380mA on transmit.
  • Parts: 36 resistors, 65 capacitors, 1 adjust resistors, 2 trimmer capacitor, 3 potenciometer, 7 IC's, 12 transistors, 11 inductors, 5 RF transformers, 1 variable capacitor tuning, 7 crystals.
  • Controls: tuning, Fine, volume, RX attenuator
  • Connectors: phone, key, antenna, DC in.
  • Board size: 100x85 mm.


  • RF Output: 0 - 3,5W (13.8V) 2,5W recommended.
  • 2º harmonic output: -40dB.
  • Other spurios signals: -50dB or better.
  • T/R Switching: Semi or Full break-in (intenally adjustable by capacitor value).
  • RX/TX offset adjustable.
  • Side-tone monitor: the receiver gets the transmitter signal attenuated.
  • Side-tone level: (internally adjustable by resistor value).


  • Type: single conversion Superheterodyne. Balanced Mixer.
  • Coverage: 7.0 to 7.04 MHz. (CW segment)
  • Sensitivity: 0.250uV mínimum discernible signal.
  • Selectivity: 3 pole crystals ladder filter 800Hz nominal bandwidth (-6dB).
  • FI Frequency: 4.915MHz. 
  • AGC: dual, to RF mix and CW detector 
  • Audio output: headphones 150mW 30-100ohms