Are you happy with the technical advice from EA3GCY? Do you want to collaborate to make new kits?

Thank you. 73 Javier Solans EA3GCY

The personalized advice that Javier EA3GCY offers is unusual in other hamradio kit manufacturers (Now I do not mean brands or areas of the world).

Whenever a customer requests advice regarding the assembly of a kit, I try to help him in every possible way. Sometimes there are several emails and messages that must be crossed to get the solution.


  • Many times the technical advice is converted into small private classes to learn electronics.
  • It is obvious that the profit margin in kits that have prices of only a few dozen euros is small. So the time spent helping you can exceed the initial profit.
  • The consumer sector for hamradio mounting kits is small. Yes, smaller than you think, because people don't have time and want everything done. I cannot commission industries with robots to manufacture thousands of the same kits, enclosures, etc. So kitting is much more difficult than many people think. It is a job at hand and the entire procedure should be reviewed from start to finish. I don't have robots that do that process for me :-)
  • It is laborious to design circuits and prototypes, locate all the components (special for RF), prepare documents, etc. Therefore, the time spent on consulting is also very valuable.


I really tell you that if you have received my help to solve problems you should not feel concerned now to make a donation, I will be very grateful if you speak well of me on social networks, youtube etc.

However, if you want to make a small payment. Will be very welcome. (Tell me who you are and if you want to make me a comment).


Thank you.  73 Javier Solans EA3GCY